Tiramisu - Rich chocolate cake, Mr Black (coffee liquer), Fresh vanilla cream, espresso buttercream.

*contains alcohol

Chocolate Espresso- Chocolate cake, Espresso buttercream

Chocolate Salt Honey - Chocolate cake, salt honey buttercream 

Milk and Honey - Vanilla cake, salt honey buttercream, honey glaze.


Salt Caramel - Vanilla cake, salt caramel buttercream,  salted caramel. 


Chocolate Salt Caramel - Chocolate cake, salt caramel buttercream, salted caramel. 

Chocolate Raspberry  - Chocolate cake, raspberry coulis, raspberry buttercream, fresh raspberries (seasonal).

Lemon/Raspberry - Lemon cake, lemon syrup, raspberry buttercream, fresh raspberries (seasonal)

Lemon Elderflower - Lemon cake, lemon syrup, vanilla and elderflower buttercream

Strawberry Buttercream - Vanilla cake, strawberry coulis, strawberry and vanilla buttercream, fresh strawberry (seasonal)

Passionfruit - Vanilla cake, passionfruit coulis, passionfruit  buttercream.

*Made from real passionfruit, so contains seeds.

Lime and Coconut - Coconut cake, lime curd, lime syrup, lime and vanilla buttercream.


Chocolate and Coconut - Coconut cake,

silky smooth chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate Buttercream - Chocolate cake, silky smooth chocolate buttercream


Vanilla Bean Buttercream - Vanilla cake, vanilla bean buttercream


Vanilla and Chocolate Buttercream  - Vanilla cake, silky smooth chocolate buttercream

Cookies and Cream - Chocolate cake, cookies and cream buttercream

Mint Cookies and cream - Chocolate cake, mint cookies and cream buttercream.

*Fresh cream can be added as an extra filling to any of these flavours. 


*All flavours are made with real fruit, housemade caramels, real tea, coffee and local honey.  No imitation flavours are used in Brightside Cakery cakes.



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